A Little Disruption

I’ve found out that the distributor I was using to get my books on Amazon and Google Play will be shutting down at the end of the year (Pronoun, if you were wondering), so I’m going to have to move those books to a different distributor.  I plan on doing it sooner rather than wait until the rush at the end, possibly the end of this week.  Hopefully, books will only be down for a couple of hours while I make the switch, but if you’re looking for something and it’s not there, it will be back up as soon as I can manage it.  This should only affect Amazon and Google Play.  One thing that will be disrupted is Lord Lynster Discovers.  Amazon is not great about making books free, so it might spend some time at $.99 there instead of free.  If you were planning on downloading it or know someone who was, now would be the time to do it, or go to Smashwords where you can download the mobi version that is compatible with Kindles for free.   The other thing that will definitely be affected is links; those will change, but I will update the ones here as soon as I have the new ones.  If you come across a dead link to one of my books online, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know I can send the site owner the updated link, or send them here to get the right one.  Hopefully, once I start, this will get sorted out very quickly, but I wanted you to know what was going on if you end up in the middle of a series and can’t find the rest of it.


Revealed released today

cover of Revealed Lord Dixon's Shadows book 3 by Adella J HarrisThe third book in the Lord Dixon series, Revealed, was released today. It will be on sale for $2.99 until the end of the week. you can find buying links on the book’s page here.

Sam Nelson has been a spy on the Continent since he was sixteen. Now that the war is over, his handlers are ready to cut him loose, but spying is all knows. When one final mission comes up, Sam is ready to take it and prove he is still a valuable agent, even when the mission is merely infiltrating one of Lord Dixon’s notorious house parties to retrieve a letter being used to blackmail the son of an influential peer.

Lord Brisban knows he’s a bit of a joke. It’s why goes to Dixon’s brothels, the only place he feels comfortable asking for the services of a man, and even there he won’t ask for what he really wants, a chance to use a paddle or a whip. When young Mr. Nelson comes begging to be taken to one of Lord Dixon’s house parties, he knows any interest the attractive young man shows in him is only a way to get his help, but he agrees to arrange an invitation, even though he knows there’s something Mr. Nelson isn’t telling him.

When Sam is chosen as one of the concubines for the party, Brisban knows he’ll need help to carry out whatever task is his real reason for coming to the party. Sam hadn’t counted on the extra complication of being chosen as part of the entertainment, but he’d carried out missions in brothels and molly houses before and succeeded, but he’s never been in a party quite like Dixon’s, and he’s never had someone he could trust until Lord Brisban inexplicably begins to help him.

A steamy gay – M/M romance novel set in the Regency period with some BDSM elements. 51,000 words/ approx. 200 pages




cover of Restrained by Adella J. HarrisBook 2 in the Lord Dixon’s Shadow series comes out today.

Matthew Greensleigh finally gets his chance to help in the family business, only to learn his father expects him to spend a year as a concubine for the notorious Lord Dixon. Sir Robert Farnsdale prefers to keep his pleasure professional, but when Matthew asks to be shown what to expect from his time with Lord Dixon, Robert finds himself agreeing to an afternoon together. Matthew knew it was only one afternoon, so why can’t Robert stop thinking about it?

You can find all the links on the book’s page here It will be on sale for $2.99 until July 26, then go to its regular price of $4.99.

Released is still on sale until Saturday. Pre-orders for the third book in the series, Revealed, will be going up soon.

Lord Dixon’s Shadow series

cover of Restrained by Adella J. HarrisBook 1 of the Lord Dixon’s Shadow series comes out on Tuesday. It will be on sale until Saturday, then go up to it’s regular price of $4.99. I had planned to release book 2 next month, but I realized I had put this month down as the release date for it as well, so I’m sticking to that and Restrained will be released on July 20. It will also be on sale for $2.99 then go up to the regular price of $4.99. All the information can be found on the book’s pages here for Released and here for Restrained. Revealed will be out next month.

Print Copies available

Trade paperback versions of the Traitor Lords Saga are now available.  The cover price is $19.00.  The page counts for the ebooks will probably change as the two copies sync up.  The books themselves haven’t changed, but some sites have a hard time accurately calculated page counts when there is no print version (some of Amazon’s page counts were off by nearly 100 pages).

Lord Edwin Falls



cover of Lord Edwin Falls by Adella J. Harrris

I’ve just put up the links to pre-order Lord Edwin Falls, the third book in the Traitor Lords Saga. It will be released on June 20, 2017 and it’s on a pre-order/ new release sale for $2.99 instead of the normal $4.99 (like book 2) until the end of the month. I’m atill waiting for Google Play and a couple of other places to get the pre-order page up. I’ll add links when they do. You can find the ones I have here.

New Releases



cover of Lord Heathborough Invests by Adella J. Harrris

The Traitor Lords Saga is going to be releasing soon.  It will be a very fast release since I want to get these first books out quickly.  Lord Lynster Discovers will be free and should be making its way out to the sites.  As soon as I have a couple more of the larger ones, I’ll post the links to its page here.  Lord Heathborough Invests will be coming out on June 13 and Lord Edwin Falls on June 20.  They’re coming out at a special pre-order/new release price of $2.99 then will go up to their regular price of $4.99.

Coming soon


Lord Lynster Discovers

cover of Lord Lynster Discovers by Adella J. HarrrisWhen butler Daniel Rivers finds his employer, the Earl of Lynster, has shot himself, confirming he was one of the traitor lords plotting to kill the king, Daniel’s only thought is to protect his childhood friend James, the new Lord Lynster, from the scandal.  He’s been quietly looking out for Lord James ever since the day by the pond when James’s “experiment” of a kiss proved to Daniel that he loved the young lord.James had heard rumors of traitor lords and a plot to kill the king, but he didn’t realize his father was one of them until he read a newspaper story hinting the traitors were on the verge of being arrested and finds his father has shot himself rather than be tried, making James the new Lord Lynster.  Fortunately, his father’s butler, Daniel Rivers, found the body.  Daniel knows James’s deepest secret, and James knows he can trust Daniel, even when the Crown decides they’d like another traitor lord to put on trial.

When it’s discovered there may be more traitors involved in the conspiracy than the ones the Crown already knows about, James will need all his resources to prove he isn’t one of them.  And Daniel will do anything he can to keep the former Lord Lynster’s scandal away from the son, even if it means allowing himself to be suspected.