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cover of Revealed Lord Dixon's Shadows book 3 by Adella J HarrisSam Nelson has been a spy on the Continent since he was sixteen. Now that the war is over, his handlers are ready to cut him loose, but spying is all knows. When one final mission comes up, Sam is ready to take it and prove he is still a valuable agent, even when the mission is merely infiltrating one of Lord Dixon’s notorious house parties to retrieve a letter being used to blackmail the son of an influential peer.

Lord Brisban knows he’s a bit of a joke. It’s why goes to Dixon’s brothels, the only place he feels comfortable asking for the services of a man, and even there he won’t ask for what he really wants, a chance to use a paddle or a whip. When young Mr. Nelson comes begging to be taken to one of Lord Dixon’s house parties, he knows any interest the attractive young man shows in him is only a way to get his help, but he agrees to arrange an invitation, even though he knows there’s something Mr. Nelson isn’t telling him.

When Sam is chosen as one of the concubines for the party, Brisban knows he’ll need help to carry out whatever task is his real reason for coming to the party. Sam hadn’t counted on the extra complication of being chosen as part of the entertainment, but he’d carried out missions in brothels and molly houses before and succeeded, but he’s never been in a party quite like Dixon’s, and he’s never had someone he could trust until Lord Brisban inexplicably begins to help him.

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