Lord Dixon’s Shadow

Lord Dixon is known among the wilder members of the ton for two things, his very exclusive brothels specializing in the most exotic of pleasures and his habit of keeping a concubine, a well-paid, full-time prostitute, at his country home for a year at a time.


cover of Released by Adella J. HarrisSir Lionel Westin is returning to his estate after learning his father left the entire family business to his brother. At least he gets to share the mail coach with the intriguing Mr. Smith. Former prostitute Jim has finally left that life behind and is moving to the country when he meets Lionel on the mail coach. He’d like nothing better to than to accept Lionel’s invitation to stay as a guest, but Jim knows Lionel deserves better than him, and when his former employer, the notorious Lord Dixon, moves into the area, Jim knows the best thing for Lionel is for him to leave.

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cover of Restrained by Adella J. HarrisMatthew Greensleigh finally gets his chance to help in the family business, only to learn his father expects him to spend a year as a concubine for the notorious Lord Dixon. Sir Robert Farnsdale prefers to keep his pleasure professional, but when Matthew asks to be shown what to expect from his time with Lord Dixon, Robert finds himself agreeing to an afternoon together. Matthew knew it was only one afternoon, so why can’t Robert stop thinking about it?

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cover of Revealed Lord Dixon's Shadows book 3 by Adella J HarrisSpy Sam Nelson has one last chance to prove he can still be useful to the Crown, retrieving a blackmail letter at one of Lord Dixon’s infamous house parties. Lord Brisban knows Mr. Nelson’s only interest in him is as a means to get into the party, but when Sam is chosen as one of the concubines (part of the entertainment) for the party, Brisban knows he’ll need help to carry out whatever his true reason for attending is.

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