The Earl of Klesamor Hall

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cover of Adella J. Harris's gay Regency Romance Earl of Klesamor Hall
After being arrested at a molly house and serving two years’ hard labor, accounting clerk William Hamond knows work will be hard to come by, so when Lord Hartley offers him the position of secretary to his father, the reclusive Earl of Trenwych, he’s eager to accept the position and devastated to discover that Lord Trenwych does not want or need a secretary. But he’s been promised a salary as long as he stays six months, and Lord Trenwych seems content to have him do so. Then he witnesses an attempt on Lord Trenwych’s life, an attempt that could objectively have been made by Lord Hartley, and William realized he has another reason to stay, to try to save Lord Trenwych.

A gay – M/M romance novel set in the Regency period with a medium heat level. 73,000 words/ approx. 280 pages

ebook $4.99/ trade paperback $19.00