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I’m still working on new stories, more slowly than I’d like, but they are getting done. But I wanted to let you know that some of the series starters are on sale at Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale this month. So if there are any series you haven’t read yet, now’s a good time to get the first books. The coupon codes are next to the prices on the Smashwords site. Here are the links.
Lord Lynster Discovers
Mr. Wilkins and the Lodger

Holiday Sale

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, longer than I’d intended, but I am working on some things. That is the problem-I’m working on a few things, so nothing is actually getting finished, but there will be some new books, I’m just not entirely sure when. In the meantime, I am doing a holiday sale again this year. Technically, it’s meant to start on Nov. 25th (Thanksgiving here in the States) and go through January 6th, but I’m putting the price changes through early to be sure they get through, so you might see them in the next couple of days. Both of my Christmas books (The Stonecutter Earl’s First Christmas and Christopher’s Christmas) are $.99, so are a couple of first in series books- Lord Lynster Discovers and Released. So if there are any of those you haven’t read yet, or you know someone who might like them, now’s the time to get them.

Campion Square sale ending

Just a quick note to say the sale on the Campion Square books is ending and the books will go to what will be their regular price of $4.99 USD tomorrow night (for real this time) although it might take a couple of days for the changes to show up everywhere. I intended to do it earlier this month, but when I went to change the prices, I remembered I hadn’t downloaded tax forms from some of the sites, and got distracted by that and never went back to change the prices. But I wanted to give everyone a bit of warning before I changed the prices for real this time.

Cover Reveal: Mr. Jenkins and the Necklace


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cover of Mr. Jenkins and the Necklace by Adella J. HarrisAnd here is the final book in the Campion Square series, Mr. Jenkins and the Necklace. It will be out February 23 and on sale for $2.99. All three books in the series will go back to their normal price of $4.99 on March 5. I hope you enjoy them! (I’ll come back and edit the post when I get the rest of the links – edited to add the link)

Colin Jenkins has finally been hired to renovate one of the houses on Campion Square. He’s always wanted to get his hands on one of those, and even better, he’s just met the handsome historian cataloging the library of the house across the way.

Albert Singer thought the job of cataloguing a library on Campion Square would be congenial but boring, until he met the charming decorator renovating a nearby house.

Just as things seemed to be going well between them, Colin is approached in the street by a blackmailer demanding he steal a necklace from the house or he’ll “tell where you’ve been.” Not wanting to get any of the other residents of Campion Square in trouble, Colin feels he must do as the blackmailer says, and do anything he can to keep Mr. Singer out of it, even if that means breaking his heart.
a gay – M/M romance set in Regency England approx 75,000 words print version 282 pages

Cover Reveal: Mr. Montague and the Pineapple


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cover of Mr. Montague and the Pineapple by Adella J. Harrris I said I’d be back soon with another cover reveal, and here it is. Mr. Montague and the Pineapple. It will be out February 16th and will have a pre-order/new release sale too, this time $2.99 for the ebook, then it will go to its regular price of $4.99 (I haven’t decided when I’m ending the sale, I’ll let you know when I do.) This time I have the pre-order links, so you can find them below.

Print-maker Peter Marsham can’t believe he owns a house of his own on Campion Square, and all from the sale of his artwork. Youngest son of an earl Cecil Montague has been banished to a boarding house on Campion Square by his father. They meet when Peter finds Cecil digging through a rubbish heap to rescue the remains of a pineapple, thinking he’s in need of help, and ends up offering to let Cecil attempt to grow the pineapple in his spare room.

Just as Peter and Cecil are beginning to sort out their feelings for each other, a series of thefts are reported in the square, and Cecil becomes a suspect. Now they must find a way to clear Cecil while keeping their secrets.

a gay – M/M romance set in Regency England approx 80,000 words print version 312 pages

Cover Reveal: Mr. Wilkins and the Lodger


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cover of Mr. Wilkins and the Lodger by Adella J. HarrisIt is finally here! I’d hoped to have these books out a lot sooner, but February 9, the first book in the Campion Square series will finally be out. As soon as I have some pre-order links, I will post them here and add a page for the book to the site. The e-book pre-order price will be $.99 for this one, the other two books will be $2.99 for the pre-order (regular price for all three will be $4.99, paperbacks will be $19.00). I’ll be back in a couple days with the cover reveal for book two, but for now, here’s the back cover text for Mr. Wilkins.

Gerald Wilkins was content with his life at number 18 Campion Square, until his sister, worried that he’d be lonely when she married, found them a most unsuitable lodger. Gerald didn’t think it could get any worse, until his sister ran off with the lodger.

Hugh Dewitt was used to getting his brother out of trouble. This time should have been no different. His already-married brother had run off with a woman of some means, intending to swindle her no doubt. But this time there was a brother, a brother Hugh would very much like to know better.

a gay – M/M romance set in Regency England approx 71,000 words print version 282 pages

edited to add buy links

ebook $4.99

Christmas Sale



cover of Adella J. Harris's book The Stonecutter Earl's First Christmascover of Christopher's Christmas
I hope you’re all staying safe and doing well.  I’m still here and working on the next trilogy, which is almost ready to go to the editor.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read my two Christmas books, the ebooks are on sale for $.99 each until January 6th.  You can find the links to all the stores here for Christopher’s Christmas (and I just fixed the Kobo link there) and The Stonecutter Earl’s First Christmas here
Stay safe and I should be back soon-ish with more info on the next series.