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cover of Mr. Jenkins and the Necklace by Adella J. HarrisAnd here is the final book in the Campion Square series, Mr. Jenkins and the Necklace. It will be out February 23 and on sale for $2.99. All three books in the series will go back to their normal price of $4.99 on March 5. I hope you enjoy them! (I’ll come back and edit the post when I get the rest of the links – edited to add the link)

Colin Jenkins has finally been hired to renovate one of the houses on Campion Square. He’s always wanted to get his hands on one of those, and even better, he’s just met the handsome historian cataloging the library of the house across the way.

Albert Singer thought the job of cataloguing a library on Campion Square would be congenial but boring, until he met the charming decorator renovating a nearby house.

Just as things seemed to be going well between them, Colin is approached in the street by a blackmailer demanding he steal a necklace from the house or he’ll “tell where you’ve been.” Not wanting to get any of the other residents of Campion Square in trouble, Colin feels he must do as the blackmailer says, and do anything he can to keep Mr. Singer out of it, even if that means breaking his heart.
a gay – M/M romance set in Regency England approx 75,000 words print version 282 pages