cover for Adella J. Harris's gay Regency romance the Marquess of Gorsewall Manor
Here it is, the start of my newest series, After the Swan’s Nest.

After being caught up in a raid on a molly house, Thomas Brook escapes on his way to the pillory. Collapsing from exhaustion on the moors of Yorkshire, he’s rescued by the handsome Lord Elmsby and taken to Gorsewall Manor. As he recovers, Lord Elmsby offers him a position cataloging the library. It would be an ideal situation, isolated, with a handsome, solitary lord and servants who don’t ask many questions, except for the strange sounds in the corners of the library and the feeling he’s being watched. And then a body is found on the moors, a body that could be the long missing fiancee of Lord Elmsby, and Thomas must find out the truth of what happened at Gorsewall Manor.

The book is slowly making its way out to retailers. When I have links to the major stores, I’ll start posting them. And I’ve decided to make this book free. If you want to read it right now, Smashwords already has it up at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/891794.

Since I’m making this book free, I’ll be putting Lord Lynster Discovers back to full price soon which will be $4.99 like the others in that series. I’ll let you know when I’m going to do that (it depends how long it takes this book to get listed in the stores.)I’ll be back in a couple of days with the cover reveal for the second book in the series, which will be out mid-September. It will be $4.99 and there will be a short pre-order/new release sale where it will be $2.99, so use the follow buttons on the side if you want to be notified when it goes up for pre-order.