I’ve found out that the distributor I was using to get my books on Amazon and Google Play will be shutting down at the end of the year (Pronoun, if you were wondering), so I’m going to have to move those books to a different distributor.  I plan on doing it sooner rather than wait until the rush at the end, possibly the end of this week.  Hopefully, books will only be down for a couple of hours while I make the switch, but if you’re looking for something and it’s not there, it will be back up as soon as I can manage it.  This should only affect Amazon and Google Play.  One thing that will be disrupted is Lord Lynster Discovers.  Amazon is not great about making books free, so it might spend some time at $.99 there instead of free.  If you were planning on downloading it or know someone who was, now would be the time to do it, or go to Smashwords where you can download the mobi version that is compatible with Kindles for free.   The other thing that will definitely be affected is links; those will change, but I will update the ones here as soon as I have the new ones.  If you come across a dead link to one of my books online, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know I can send the site owner the updated link, or send them here to get the right one.  Hopefully, once I start, this will get sorted out very quickly, but I wanted you to know what was going on if you end up in the middle of a series and can’t find the rest of it.